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Friday, May 25, 2012

CA - Shocking Oceanside California Police Department Health Issues..

A visit to Oceanside will open your eyes to the health problem of what seems to be the entire police force!
You know, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with putting on a little extra weight. But driving around in Oceanside, California the other day, I was shocked at how many overweight police officers I saw. We’ve all seen the movies where they make fun of cops as being frumpy and heavy and a whole lot of ‘not too bright’. And we’ve all heard the donut eating references a million times. But it would seem that sometimes stereotypes are born of truth.
Driving downtown on my way to the beach I happened to pass two police officers within a couple blocks of each other. Both were overweight although I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Not until I stopped at a local coffee house at about 9:00 in the morning did the health problem of Oceanside’s police department become glaringly apparent. There were several police officers in the shop (don’t ask me why so many were in uniform not working at the exact same time) and absolutely ALL of them were in possession of a few more pounds than is normally healthy. One of them was what I would refer to as grotesquely overweight.
Normally I don’t care about peoples’ weight however when we are talking about public servants, people who are supposed to protect us, I have some pause for serious thought. You know, if my wife or my girlfriend just happened to be robbed or worse yet, sexually assaulted, I realize that if she screamed for help and one of these guys was nearby and able to respond, there is no hope in hell that they would be able to catch the perpetrator. Unless the officer is not lounging around in a coffee shop and is lucky enough to be in a vehicle, in all likelihood the ‘suspect’ is going to get away! That is just not acceptable! So I have to ask the obvious…what the hell is up with Oceanside, California?!? Are there no physical standards to speak of? Are there standards but nobody on the force is taking them seriously? Are there no repercussions for those who don’t meet the standards? The military has physical standards so what’s going on with the police?!?
Some can laugh at cops in general for being out of shape but the fact of the matter is that it is NOT a laughing matter when for some unforeseen reason you have to depend on their services and protection. If they aren’t willing to take care of themselves then how are they going to take care of you?!? It is unfortunate that such is the case and that I even have cause to write about this issue but it is what it is….sadly.

This is the article that has started the whole fiasco. The local news in San Diego has picked up on the story and has asked to interview me on my observations and the subsequent ‘anonymous’ threats I have received. I am making some calls to other departments in the area to see if I can get the IP addresses tracked of the individuals making threats and WILL press charges accordingly. This could potentially blow up since Oceanside has already had quite a few problems within their police department
UPDATE: [sent before first post could be published]
I recently published an article (above) about my observations on the overwhelming amount of heavy police officers in Oceanside. Then I received an angry response in my email inbox from a gentleman (I use the term VERY loosely) who claims he works for the Oceanside police department. He said that when, not if, but WHEN he finds me, he is going make sure I “get what I deserve!” To protect myself, I am writing this article for Triond. This way if the guy IS a police officer and something happens to me, people will be aware of what’s going on.
I didn’t expect to make police officers in Oceanside angry when I pointed out my observations that so many officers there are overweight. My concern is merely that I fear for peoples’ safety if crimes are being committed and the criminals are able to outrun the police. I will look into the legality of it, but I plan to return to Oceanside to take pictures of various police officers that I observe so the public can view the pictures and see the extent of the problem. I’m not talking about one or two random officers out of 10. I’m seeing over 50% as not just slightly overweight but grossly overweight! One guy was so large that I would be willing to bet money his uniform is custom made because it is far larger than any standard size.
To the guy claiming to be a police officer there in Oceanside: Dude, act a little more professional! If you ARE a police officer, realize that I will not be intimidated by your threats. I welcome you to track me down and lay your hands on me. You will not stop me from writing the truth. If it makes you so angry then maybe you should simply exercise so that you can better protect the citizenry instead of threatening them! Your little tirade only gives me more to write about and the motivation to go down there and take the pictures needed to prove my point.
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CopBlocking Oceanside, CA Police

Watch NewsNowSanDiego own this Oceanside, CA police officer.
Watch NewsNowSanDiego own this Oceanside, CA police officer.

He got his name, badge number and walked away without providing state issued ID. After checking his YouTube channel seems this happens often, see video below.

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