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Friday, April 7, 2017

This Amazing Device Lets You Track Your Vehicle Using Your Smartphone


This High-Tech Vehicle Tracking Device Would Make A Spy Jealous. More than 2.5 Million Sold!
One of the most frustrating things ever is losing your car in a parking lot, right? There you are, arguing with your spouse whether you parked in Lot G or Lot K.
Imagine if you could whip out your smartphone and know exactly where your car is? Well, it’s possible. And it’s not only possible, but it’s super easy, super affordable, and super cool!
TrackR is a device about the size of a quarter, and it will ensure you will always know where your vehicle is. Whether it’s in the next parking lot or it’s been stolen and is in the next state.
No installation. No monthly fee. No fuss. Just a tiny tracking device right out of a spy movie.

What is TrackR?

Developed by a California startup, TrackR is a state-of-the-art tracking device that’s about the size of a quarter. And it’s changing auto security, and how we keep track of our cars (or anything else important to us).

How Does TrackR Work?

Easy Peasy. Simply download the free TrackR app on your smartphone, pair the app to your TrackR device, and that’s it. After that, put the TrackR in any vehicle you want to track (hint: hide it so thieves can’t see it!)
If you can’t find your car, simply use the app to show you where it is. It’s that easy. TrackR does all the work for you.
"This device has kept me from wandering the parking lot!"

The free app is simple to use, and very intuitive. It’ll even tell you if you’re getting warmer!!

Ok How Much is TrackR??

Ready to get blown away?
TrackR is $29. And that’s it – no app fees, no monthly fees, no activation fees… just $29.

Where Can I Get One? No Wait… I Want Two!!

You can get as many as you want directly from the company's website by clicking here.
And here’s a great deal for you:
NOTE: For a limited time, the company is now offering an incredible "Buy 4 – Get 4 FREE" deal to all new customers.
Use one for every car you have, give a few as a gift (remember, with no monthly fee, these make great gifts), and use a few for any other reason you can think of.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

TrackR even comes with a double-sided adhesive – this way, you can use it in your car, or a ton of other places. Keep one in your purse or wallet in case you ever lose it. Give one to your child for your day at the amusement park. Put one on your pet’s collar. Or a kabillion other uses.

"Remember, the amazing deal – buy 4, get FOUR MORE FREE. That’ll handle all of your holiday shopping this year, and nobody in your family will ever get lost in the parking lot again!!"

How it works

Tired of losing your keys, wallet and phone? Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item and use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Ring your missing item or get a reminder to grab your item before leaving it behind. 

What is TrackR?

TrackR is the simplest way to find lost or misplaced items.

Join the millions of people who are connected to their most important items.
TrackR bravos in silver, black, blue and rose gold
Distance indicator icon

Distance indicator

You're getting warmer... As you search for your item, the TrackR app will show if you're getting closer to those pesky keys.
Speaker with sound waves icon

Item ringer

Just tap the item ringer to make TrackR ring your missing item. No more keys lost underneath a pile of mail.
Icon of a phone ringing

Phone finder

Can't find your phone? We make finding your phone a snap. Just press the button on your TrackR device to ring your phone – even on silent.
Location pin

Crowd GPS Network

Lost something? TrackR's crowd-sourced network will help you find it. When another TrackR user is within Bluetooth range of your lost item, you will receive a location update.

Separation Alerts

Don't forget your phone! Custom separation alerts notify you when you're about to leave your item behind.

Wallet-thin design

TrackR bravo's sleek anodized aluminum construction makes it slim and durable.
Watch Video
It's easy to track your things.
Android and iPhone showing the TrackR app on screen

Get the TrackR app today

Track it down. From anywhere If an item goes missing, TrackR's Crowd GPS network will help you find it. When another user of the TrackR app comes within 100ft range of your lost item, you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.
See Crowd GPS in Action
New coincomparison

Diameter: 31mm (1.22 in)

Thickness: 3.5mm

Battery Life: Up to 1 year

Battery Type: User replaceable CR1620 battery that lasts up to 1 year depending on usage.

Device Ringer Volume: Up to 92dB

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Device Compatibility:
Devices with iOS 8 & up
Android 4.4 & Later with Bluetooth Low Energy

Works World Wide