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Saturday, April 1, 2017


What It Means To Be a Prospect/Striker/Probationary Member For Motorcycle Club/Riding Club.
1) When a Member asks You To Clean the Clubhouse. .You are Not a Maid..You are Showing with Respect Your Future Brothers/Sisters "IF" they decided to make You a Member, This is how much Respect You Would Have For Your Clubhouse. .
2)When a Member asks You To Be Somewhere at a Certain Time or to Always Answer Your Phone For Them ..You are Showing Them Respectfully "IF" Him/Her Vote To Make You A Member of The Club.. You Will Never Leave Them Hanging.
3)When You make a Member a Drink or Help Them Load A Bike..You are saying Respectfully. .I just Want to be Your BROTHER/SISTER not Your BETTER.
4)When Always Taking Pride in How You keep and Wear Your Vest..You are Showing Respectfully that "IF" They decided to Give You That Patch ....You would always wear it with Pride..
*** As Members We Must Always Remember The Respect Being Shown By The Guys/Girls on Our Programs ..And That They as a Part of Our Clubs are To Be Treated With Nothing But Respect in Return..These Could Very Well Be Your Future Brothers or Sisters.and If as Members We Don't Know This..They Can Never Learn It.
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