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Saturday, April 1, 2017

What is the California Step Act?

What is the California Step Act?
Stepping is a procedure to show knowledge that an individual belongs
to a Criminal Street Gang.
How it's done
Officer serves "Notice of determination" on the person "HE" determines
belongs to a criminal street gang, This notice informs you ''YOU are
hereby notified that the above mentioned (written in by office,.
Motorcycle Clubs name) is a criminal street gang engaging in a pattern
of criminal activity within the mean of Penal Code Section 186.22."
Officer completes a "proof of service" by including a photo and
fingerprint of "gangmember,"
Why it's done
If agencies "STEP" who they designate as "gang members", the element
of prior knowledge can then be easily proved. The Prosecutor will able
to show: 1) Notice was given prior to the commission of the crime for
which defendant is being prosecuted; 2) Lay a foundation; 3) And enter
the form into evidence (photo &finger print),
If you are detained for a traffic stop

Never accept the notice; sign for a traffic violation but don't be
tricked into agreeing to a lesser charge in leiu of signing the
"Notice of Determination." (Don't give a thumb print AND photo).
Educate the officer: inform him/her that you're a Member (Friend,
Associate, Supporter} of a Motorcycle CLUB.
Important legal info
When ask to comply with an officers request. BEFORE talking to the
officer or giving up your rights, politely inform the officer that "if
YOUR Attorney gives YOU permission to do so, YOU will be willing to
comply with the officer's request." HOWEVER you "have made a
commitment to your attorney to refuse these request's prior to
consulting with your attorney.' When an officer states "I'm going to
search you. "OK? "They are asking for ''YOUR'' permission for the
search, this in fact is a request.
DO NOT AGREE. The response should be, "I will not obstruct or delay
your investigation, but I do not give my consent for a search."
Let them take YOU to jail.
1) They MUST have legally made a determination that YOU are a member
of a "criminal street gang";
2) AND some kind of crime must have been alleged against YOU ; 3) AND
that crime was "for the benefit of the "gang ."
Why this is happening to our bike riding community?
With California's current financial disarray and budget cuts, monies
are trying to be found to support Police associations and the
lobbyists who "benefit" from their support. There are more than
943,000 registered motorcyclist in California; WE are not united and
defending rights... we've become a target Join the Modified Motorcycle
Association AND join the Confederation of Clubs •..Get involved and
join our fight: