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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Colorado - Kong Gets A Pass

Iron Order patch holder Derrick “Kong” Duran, in the photo above, will not be charged with any crime after murdering Mongols Motorcycle Club member Victor “Nubs” Mendoza last January 30 during the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver.

According to a credible source with specific knowledge of the incident, the homicide was investigated by the Denver Police Department. The police recommended that Duran be charged with first degree murder but Denver District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey declined to press charges. Morrissey believed that there was “sufficient evidence” to support Duran’s claim that he acted in “self defense.”

The only statements given to police in the case were made by members of the Iron Order. Mongols who might have been witnesses declined to give statements to police. The evidence Morrissey believed substantiated Duran’s claim was comprised of statements made by Iron Order members including Duran.

Three Shots Fired

Sources The Aging Rebel considers to be credible have outlined a chronology of the events that led to Mendoza’s death

The Aging Rebel believes that members of the Iron Order intentionally sought out  and harassed Mongols working at a tee-shirt stand in the basement of the National Western Stock Show complex where the Expo was being held. A fist fight ensued. Duran became engaged with a Mongol named “Herc” Chadwick. When Chadwick began to prevail, Duran shot him in the stomach. That was the first of what sources have stated were three shots fired.

Duran, accompanied by other Iron Order members, ran to the top of the stairs and brandished the pistol with which he had just shot Chadwick. Almost simultaneously, Mendoza began to run up the stairs after Duran and an unidentified person fired a second shot. The bullet superficially grazed Duran and struck an Iron Order member The Aging Rebel believes to have been Daniel “Penguin” McAllister. McAllister told police the man who shot him was wearing “red.” That shooter has never been identified. The bullet that hit McAllister came to rest near his spine and cannot be removed – so no ballistics testing has ever been done on it.

Duran then fired the third shot which killed Mendoza.

Seven people were hospitalized as a result of the confrontation between members of the two clubs.