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Monday, April 18, 2016

Bikers of Lesser Tolerance - BOLT of California's


I want to go over the history of this stop, yes five cops, the 5th is a motorcycle cop; he is the one who took this infamous picture. And the judge ruled NOT GUILTY, and there is a huge difference between simply "dismissed" and "not guilty".

There were a couple of other BOLT members involved getting citations for the same type of helmet. One of them was stopped on the freeway in Roseville and made to stand there for 45 minutes because the sack o shit cop wanted the BOLT member's wife to bring him another helmet. Now remember, a helmet citation falls under Division 12 of the CA vehicle code, making it an equipment violation, same as a burnt out tail light. So how would you feel if the cop made you stop driving your car until your wife showed up with a new tail light bulb? Think about it.

One CHP cop; Officer Dimiceli swore he would break BOLT. Allegedly CHP Officer Dimiceli was passing on information or working with Rancho Cordova PD; Sacramento Sheriff's department and had at least one contact with the DA's office over Mark's and others citations. Hence the five cops for one helmet ticket.

Now remember while all of these law enforcement agency's are attacking BOLT members, the helmets have not been legally found "illegal". CHP Officer Dimiceli told Mark to stop wearing that helmet or he would be arrested. Cops cannot simply tell you what to do, it has to be a "lawful" order, not just because an ignorant cop doesn't like what you are wearing.

CHP Office Dimiceli arrested Mark for failure to obey a lawful order, a misdemeanor. Mark was handcuffed and thrown in jail, incarcerated in downtown Sacramento.

I think I picked him up around midnight after being released. Now remember a helmet ticket is an equipment violation, remember that.

Mark was found NOT GUILTY on all charges, all citations.

But look at the stress this causes the families, friends and of course on those fighting for YOUR RIGHT TO DECIDE. If you honestly believe helmet laws are about "safety," then you are a fool.

We have a lot of BOLT members working on a multitude of issues, all regarding YOUR freedom...and it isn't just helmets.

What do we ask of you? Really not much, just a little support. BOLT now has filed a FEDERAL class action lawsuit against Rancho Cordova PD, Sacramento Sheriff's Dept, and CHP Officer Dimiceli is named in that suit.

You can go to the BOLT of CA website ; there is a Paypal link for donations to help pay for our lawsuit. 100% of the funds go into a trust account for this lawsuit. If you don't have cash to spare (small donations from a lot of people adds up) then maybe when you see a BOLT member, an appreciation of what BOLT members are actually doing for your freedom would be welcomed.

With respect, Mac Bolt