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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Biker bash gets the city’s motors running

BY ROBBY GAL Staff Writer
The Gallopin Goose was a busy place to begin with, but throw in thousands of tourists, bikers, locals and a whole host of weekend entertainment, and it becomes standing room only.
Coolidge’s Gallopin Goose hosted the first “Stroke a Goose” old school biker bash last weekend, with dozens of events that kept attendees entertained whether they stopped by for a day, a night or stayed the whole weekend.
The major attraction, Rusty Coones, “Sons of Anarchy” alum, and his band, Attikas 7, thrilled fans as one of the stars of the famed show about a motorcycle club, and even indulged attendees by doing a couple burnouts on site on a motorcycle.
Gallopin Goose owner Scott Wohrman explained that the event went better than he could have imagined, and the question he got after the fact was how many fights occurred.
“It went amazing,” Wohrman said. “All the entertainers involved were pros and treated everyone great. We didn’t have one single altercation.”
As promised, FX’s Half-pint Brawlers showed up and put on a great show.
“It really was a dream come true,” Wohrman said. “I want to thank Jimmy Smith and Stacey Humphreys from Jugs and Strokers. They were amazing and got all these great entertainers and bikers here for the event. I’m ecstatic about the way everything went.”
A variety of musical acts, vendors, and unique experiences made for a weekend for the ages and one all involved hope to make an annual event.