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Thursday, April 28, 2016

According to this vet's experience, this program doesn't seem to provide any real benefits to vets.


According to this vet's experience, this program doesn't seem to provide any real benefits to vets. Rather, it is just another money making program that takes more than it gives...?? If you already have a card from the VA, why spend the money to add the designation to your DL?

I got my Veterans designation on my drivers license yesterday. The new law AB 935 is another way to stick it to the veteran and make money off of them. I had to go to Tulare to find the only County Veteran Service Officer in the county. They would not authorize my form for the DMV unless I registered with them. All the CVSO did was look at my DD214 and my drivers license. Why couldn't the DMV look at the same papers? I have already received spam from registering with them. My drivers license did not expire until 2019. All I wanted was the veterans designation. It cost a $5 fee for the designation and also a $27 DMV fee. To get the designation took all day and cost me $32 dollars.
Shame on you Jim Frazier for sponsoring a bill to make money off the backs of veterans. It sounded good and I went to do it the first day possible and found out my politicians stuck it to me again. How many of the veterans they are trying to target are going to spend that kind of money to get the designation? How many will drive to the only CVSO office in the county? I wish I had never started the process. I already had a VA card but believed their lies when they said, that this was a good thing for veterans. I believe this bill was written to increase the registrations with the County Veteran Service Officers, to be able to give them more funding for doing very little. When in the CVSO office I asked what they did since I had never heard of them before. The answer I got was that they sign up veterans for healthcare and service connected disability. Since I already get both they can not help me so why did I have to register? This sounds like a backroom deal to fund more useless bureaucracy. Not a bill to help veterans.