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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Waco Shootings. Forfeiture Motions Filed For Motorcycles And Vehicles Belonging To 25 Individuals. f

Published by Cyril Huze 
The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office has filed civil motions naming 25 individuals arrested in the May 17 Twin Peaks motorcycle gang shootings seeking forfeiture of hundred of thousands of dollars’ worth of motorcycles and vehicles impounded after the shootout that left nine bikers dead and 18 others injured. Texas state law requires that forfeiture motions be filed within 30 days of an arrest and yesterday Wednesday June 17 marked the 30th day since the shootings that claimed nine lives and left 18 injured. The actual process of forfeiture can only take place after a person is convicted of the crime alleged in the forfeiture. Forfeiture, however, is a civil process and not part of a criminal action.

In most cases forfeitures are filed in connection with drug cases. Items sought for forfeiture can include vehicles, cash, real estate, firearms and other items. District Attorney Abel Reyna said Wednesday that Texas law requires that prosecutors prove that items sought through forfeiture were used in the commission of a felony crime or were purchased with money generated from a felony crime. She said that the filings do not indicate any guilt on a defendant’s part. Once items are forfeited, the state may sell them and use the proceeds or may convert the items for use by police or other law enforcement departments.
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Published by Cyril Huze