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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Study Reveals Worst Motorcycle Drivers by State. Louisiana Is Worst.

Cyril Huze

First, let me mention that reading this study my first reaction was that a ranking of the worst motorcycle drivers by State (number of motorcyclist fatalities) is equivalent to rank States by the worst car drivers since most motorcycle accidents are the consequence of car driver mistakes. So, the headline is quite misleading…
This being said, this ranking is important because depending of your home state it directly affects your motorcycle insurance premiums. In this study published by Insurance Providers statistics data is drawn from the US Census Bureau’s motorcycle registration data and from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s crash statistics by state and vehicle type.
Each state is ranked based on the number of motorcycle fatalities in that state in 2009 compared to the total number of registered bikes in the state. Tthe states which have the most motorcycle fatalities are mostly the southern states
The list, starting with the worst-ranked state, is as follows: