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Sunday, August 23, 2015


A few of the BOLT members. Some no longer with us, some have moved away from the front lines of activsm. Some are still in the trenches. We started fighting against the unconstitutional helmet laws and have had victories in many states; fought against laws using hand held decible meters; supported laws that increased penalties on ROW violations; supported and in the fight against profiling; fought against motorcycle only check points, fighting against any restrictions on current CA lane sharing and much more. Many members have spent hundreds to thousands to tens of thousand dollars of their own money in fighting for all of our freedom. We are not a membership driven organization. We are simply like minded bikers who believe in our American Heritage to pursue life liberty and happines...and we fight for that right. Our freedom is your freedom. Your freedom is our freedom. We are an eclectic group of individuals, which gives us a uniqeness and adds to our strength. We do this for freedom, not self glorification. We work with and through the established MRO's. From time to time we seek your help. This is one of those times, funds are needed for the filed class action lawsuits against the CHP, Sacramento Sheriffs Department and Rancho Cordova Police Dept. This is for all of our freedom.