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Monday, August 24, 2015


As anyone with a rational thinking brain can see the justice system has become a tool to deny justice. The people no longer have any say in government. Government does what it wants.
Government is a fiction but the people in it are real flesh and blood. Unfortunately these flesh & blood people have no conscience. They are dead inside. They follow law; not conscience.
God made man to follow conscience. But Lucifer came in and told man to follow law. What a light! Law is lesser light to the laws of the universe and conscience. Follow law against your conscience and you become dead inside. You become a tool for Lucifer.
So now people in respectable positions; both religious and masonic, now follow Lucifer; the secondary light of the intellect.
How low man has fallen.
The masonic lodge is ruined. Religion is ruined. The common man has no where to go to raise his level of being. We are all gripped by the idea that man made law can solve our problems. It is self evident the secular law has become the problem in our society; not the solution.
The federal government is behind this particular situation in Waco. The federal government that controls the State government could care less about what happened at the Twin Peaks, nor the people who have been caught in this web of deception.
Remember the gag order? Knew it was not going to be lifted. That is why kept quiet about the lifting. Knew it was not going to happen.
Better get real about the government we are now living under and plan accordingly. Riders; don’t get caught in situations like this again. And question the organizations that claim to represent you. They are all controlled by the same people who did you in in Waco.
What are colors and what do they represent? Think about this hard! The colors flying over this land represent corporate federal government, corporate State governments that operate under the corporate federal, and corporate corporations represented by the corporate government. Your colors; while not flags per se, are flags that represent individualism in contrast to the corporate government & corporations. That puts you wearing them as outcasts. The corporate government and corporations want economic slaves addicted to their fictions, not independent thinkers (riders)
This is nothing new in the criminality of man. Al Capone must be rolling over in his grave when seeing how government has taken his scheme and implemented it on a national scale. Politicians in congress are nothing but criminals.
The public is so fat and lazy. They are like pigs eating, partying, consuming, while our leaders are making war with the rest of the world to keep the circus going. Ask those bikers who were arrested if they had any idea this could happen to them. They would say no because they were too asleep. Now they are awake. But only because they got caught in the shit that is happening all over the country. While we slept the criminals took control. And now they see and feel it first hand while the rest of the sleeping public still refuse to wake up and believe everything the corrupt media tells them.
There is no such thing as equality because we have men at all levels of the animal kingdom. Equality is a lie! In every race their are men of integrity and their are men of pure evil. In our pursuit of equality we have raised evil men up into leadership positions.
I am especially disappointed in the masonic lodges that no longer practice the teachings of Albert Pike. They are caught up in the practice of Administrative law; mans law, not the laws of the grand architect of the universe. We are falling from a once great culture into barbarism. A great flood of ignorance is overcoming America just like in the days on Noah. Religion is dying and so is masonry because the people no longer have the consciousness to see the esoteric truths contained in it’s teachings.

Ride well and watch your ass. We are in dangerous times for the individual.

Brief Review of Federal and State Definitions of the Terms
“Gang,” “Gang Crime,” and “Gang Member”
(as of December 2014)
Federal Law
Currently, federal law defines the term “criminal street gang” as “an ongoing group, club,
organization, or association of five or more persons—
(A) that has as one of its primary purposes the commission of one or more of the
criminal offenses described in subsection (c);
(B) the members of which engage, or have engaged within the past five years, in a
continuing series of offenses described in subsection (c); and
(C) the activities of which affect interstate or foreign commerce.” 18 USC § 521(a).
The offenses described in this section are:
(1) “A federal felony involving a controlled substance (as defined in Section 102 of the
Controlled Substances Act (21 USC § 802)) for which the maximum penalty is not
less than five years;
(2) A federal felony crime of violence that has as an element the use or attempted use
of physical force against the person of another; and
(3) A conspiracy to commit an offense described in paragraph (1) or (2).”
18 USC § 521(c).
The circumstances described in this section are that the offense described in subsection (c) was
committed by a person who:
(1) “Participates in a criminal street gang with knowledge that its members engage in or
have engaged in a continuing series of offenses described in subsection (c);
(2) Intends to promote or further the felonious activities of the criminal street gang or
maintain or increase his or her position in the gang; and
(3) Has been convicted within the past five years for:
(A) An offense described in subsection (c);
(B) A State offense—
(i) Involving a controlled substance (as defined in Section 102 of the
Controlled Substances Act (21 USC § 802)) for which the maximum
penalty is not less than five years’ imprisonment; or
(ii) That is a felony crime of violence that has as an element the use or
attempted use of physical force against the person of another;
(C) Any federal or State felony offense that by its nature involves a substantial
risk that physical force against the person of another may be used in the
course of committing the offense; or
(D) A conspiracy to commit an offense described in subparagraph (A), (B), or
(C).” 18 USC § 521(d).

• Forty-three states and Washington, DC, have legislation that defines “gang.”
• Thirty-four states define a gang as consisting of three or more persons.
• Twenty-seven states include a common name, identifying sign, or symbol as
identifiers of gangs in their definitions.
• Thirty-six states refer to a gang as an “organization, association, or group.”
• Twenty-five states and Washington, DC, use the term “criminal street gang” to
describe a gang.
• Every definition includes criminal/illegal activity or behavior.