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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The Stevemeister

Here’s how the system works. The attorney at right, a non Veteran,  made $353,000 last year including his $100,000 bonus for never missing a day of work. Of course, we have to define “work”. If a day of work involves showing up at the office, then we have a problem. Fortunately for the Steverino, flex time on the sailboat or out fishing for swordfish counts towards his time in the cockpit. Just so we have that established.

WWP advertisement
WWP advertisement
The gentleman at right, who darn near gave his life for this Country and is horribly disabled, has to sign a non-disclosure agreement with WWP saying he doesn’t want any samoles for having his picture used to make tens of millions of dollars for Steve and  Co.. His take? Why, he gets free counseling on how to re integrate with the community and life. He gets free counseling on how to manage his meager finances he receives from the VA. He receives free Kumbaya group counseling sessions on how to deal with his PTSD. And that’s just what he gets from the VA. From WWP,  he gets a backpack with a set of under armor underwear, a water bottle and various sundries like a toothbrush, dental floss, playing cards and a cool WWP hat to keep the sun off his noggin.  Oh, and free duplicate WWP programs that suspiciously emulate the very same VA ones mentioned above.
I just wanted to clear that up for all you Veterans who donate.


Some additional insider information on Mr. Nardizzi. He and the number 2 man at WWP, Mr. Albion Giordano (who is a USMC vet), both lawyers have led WWP in a very ruthless manner. After taking over from the founder and original CEO John Melia (a bonafide veteran who was severely injured in Somalia) summarily fired a retired combat veteran Army colonel who worked in the DC office. This distinguished veteran’s offense? Having the audacity to put his name in consideration for the CEO job. Steve and Al spoke of loyalty when discussing the termination. Yet these two men showed zero loyalty to Mr. Melia as they schemed to take the helm of WWP. I have first hand knowledge of the good work done by front line WWP employees and how they have helped numerous veterans but I have some major objections to the current leadership regime.