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Thursday, September 25, 2014

FLORIDA - The Iron Order Alibi

If statements made by a high ranking member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club are true, the investigation into the murder of Black Pistons patch holder Zach Tipton was corrupted almost from the start by the special consideration given the Iron Order by Florida police.
In a letter to club members published on a members only section of the Iron Order website on July 5, John C. “Shark” Whitfield (photo above), who serves as “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” for the three piece patch club as well as Nortonville, Kentucky City Attorney, advises his fellow club members about what he refers “to as the ‘Florida Incident.’” Whitfield’s club duties apparently include acting as a lobbyist and liaison with various police departments.
Criminal Situation
“I have been a litigator for over 30 years, dealing with both civil and criminal cases my whole career,” Whitfield begins. “Because of that experience, I know that in a criminal situation it is important… the client understand (sic) that after the facts are ascertained, they must let me do the talking publicly about it (if need be). The client needs to have no comment about any of this. The same applies here…. My clients in this situation are the IOMC and the brothers and prospects who may be close to this
“I have been in contact with law enforcement there,” Whitfield states, “and offered my services in any way they deem appropriate. They are professionals and are doing a great job. So as to keep this investigation clean, we do not need to talk about this. Should they want to interview further any of you, I will make the arrangements for that to happen. Consequently, please be patient and wait for my call on this.”
After bragging that he had volunteered to collaborate with Florida investigators, and warning club members to let him do all the talking, Whitfield began spinning the murder of Zach Tipton to present his club in the best possible light.
My investigation so far tells me that had there not been reckless aggressive behavior by persons that started this, none of this would have happened. My basis for this comes from my time down in Florida, as I (accompanied by Associate Division of Legal Affairs Tracker) went to Jacksonville and interviewed the brothers/prospects in full. We went to scene and chronicled the information we needed there, spoke to law enforcement there to gain a better perspective and have taken other steps that I will not outline in this thread. Although much has been done, there is still a lot to do. We are prepared to do it with vigilance.”
Less sophistically stated, Whitfield interviewed investigators to find out where the case was going then used that knowledge to help the persons who were involved in the shooting construct their alibis. He was assisted by Major Darrell “Tracker” Robinson of the Marine Corps Logistics Command.

Stand Your Ground

This case is a clear “Stand Your Ground” case Whitfield announces.
The work that we have done there thus far indicates that this statute will be the primary avenue of defense should any legal proceedings against my clients ensue,” Whitfield announces. “Hopefully they will not, as the facts as we have uncovered them thus far fit squarely with this statute. Without getting into these facts in excruciating detail, rest assured that I am confident that our brothers and prospects reasonably feared for their life due to the reckless, unreasonable actions of others, and as such defended themselves as this law gives them the right to do. I have nothing to make me feel any different. The IOMC prides itself in being law abiding, and this principle was at play in Florida. Our brothers and prospects acted within their right and within the law.”
“Remember,” Whitfield concludes, “that because of our unfettered commitment to being law abiding, and our relentless teaching of same, that one of ours did what he had to do, and within the law. Let us all follow this law abiding example, and continue to make our club the shining star for all other MC’s to see and perhaps follow.”