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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Barking can have serious consequences!

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Does your dog bark? Barking can have serious consequences!

Excessive barking is probably the most common behavior problem in dogs. 


 Excessive barking results in dogs being abandoned and destroyed by the truckload. People can't cope with it and they can't seem to prevent it, they can't manage to solve it, and they usually don't under-stand it. So they wind up getting rid of the dog. Perhaps they are forced to get rid of the dog. Perhaps they are forced to get rid of their dog by justifiably angry neighbors or worse yet by the courts. Perhaps they get rid of their dog out of desperation or out of anger. The point is that the dog gets "the gas chamber," through no fault of his own.
One question you should be asking yourself, is "why do dogs bark anyway?" Some vocalizations that dogs make are motivated by the need to communicate. For example, a puppy's barking can also mean "I am angry, scared, frustrated, lonely, happy, protective, or want attention." The meaning of the vocalizations depends on the circumstance and the type of bark.
However, barking can become a trained behavior. If you say a word like "speak" just before your dog is about to bark and then reward him with food or play, he will learn to bark on command. This can be helpful, especially when teaching a dog to bark intelligently; that is, at the right time.
Barking can also become an unintentionally trained behavior. Let's say that you yell "shut up" when your dog barks. When yelling doesn't work, you give him a dog biscuit or throw a ball to keep him quiet. Your reasoning is that your dog won't bark while he is eating or playing. You are right, but what you are really doing is training your dog to bark to get his reward of food or play.

You can unintentionally train a dog to be a barker in other ways, too. Let's say your dog is frustrated in his attempts to get you to let him out. So he barks out of frustration. You let him out to keep him quiet. You are training your dog to bark when he wants out. This could be a fine skill if it's limited, but if your dog wants to go out frequently, your dog: and his barking can become a real nuisance.
A dog's barking can also become a problem if you don't intentionally control the learning situation. What happens if your dog is penned up or tied up in your back yard and passers-by taunt him or kids tease him? The dog barks. The passers-by go away or the kids run away, and the dog is rewarded for barking. With a few experiences like this, your dog will begin to bark at all passers-by. Your dog can easily become a nuisance barker in this environment. This problem behavior is an improperly learned and misplaced watchdog skill. You may think your nuisance barker is a "good watchdog" but he isn't really. Remember the story of the boy who often cried "wolf?"

Some dogs learn to start barking when they hear the door close as their owners are leaving. Some wait until they hear or see the family car drive away. Some look out the window, watch their loved ones, and only start their lamentable chorus when they are out of sight. Such refined discrimination is the sign of a very advanced skill.
How do they learn this Skill of incessant barking? Let's look at it from the dog's perspective. You go out the door and close if. The dog is frustrated by the barrier. He barks, you open the door and calm him down, barking is rewarded. Or, your puppy is put in the den or a crate. He barks, you let him out. Barking is rewarded. Or your dog feels afraid when he is left alone. He barks for help. You come and console him. Barking is rewarded.

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