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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now the million dollar question is what do we do about this? OMCG have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting draconian freedom of association and consorting laws; not only for their benefit but for EVERY Australian. The High Court twice (both won) another on the way; fighting for the release of a young intellectually handicapped man in NSW who was imprisoned under the new consorting laws. Why do 'we' have to go to the High Court time after time to fight against corrupt Governments ignoring previous High Court decisions by arrogantly changing a few words of their Legislation ? Is there not the 'spirit of the High Courts decision' that must be regarded ? Gather closely fellow Australians as we are being attacked by an enemy within. We have a duty to resist these attacks. A hundred thousand Australian men and women have died in Wars to bring freedom to other nations, yet our Governments disrespect their sacrifice, disrespect the intelligence of all members of our society and I charge them with treasonous acts. Freedom isn't free. Mr Barger had it right. Were are our ordained rights given under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 to which Australia is a signatory? When we ask that question of 'them' the answer is "It's only a treaty and not enforceable at Australian Law". Well hear me 'them'. UNSIGN IT. If you are not going to enforce it remove yourself from it. The lies and deception given by Government are so transparent. Someone, some learned person, must rally to the right of freedom and challenge the very nature of the removal of rights.
First they came for the journalists - Jack the Insider
The abrasion of our civil liberties is an ongoing process that occurs incrementally, almost surreptitiously. It is rare to