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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another reason we don't like politicians... at times!

Time For Harassing Women
A former Massachusetts state senator charged with sexually harassing four women has pleaded guilty to six charges and admitted to sufficient facts to a seventh, more serious charge.
Politician Gets Jail Time For Harassing Women
Former State Senator Appears In Court
BOSTON -- A former Massachusetts state senator, charged with sexually harassing four women who pleaded guilty to six charges and admitted to sufficient facts to a seventh, will spend the next three months in jail.

James Marzilli pleaded to sufficient facts to assault and battery Tuesday in Lowell Superior Court, acknowledging that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him.

On that charge, his lawyer asked the judge to continue the case without a finding for three years, meaning the charge would eventually be dismissed.

Prosecutors asked for a guilty finding, a year in jail and four years of probation.

Ultimately, Judge Paul Chernoff sentenced him to three months in jail followed by five years probation. His sentence started Tuesday.

A woman in her 60s is one of three women who accused Marzilli.

"He asked me if I had any underwear on under my clothes and I said, 'Yes, I do,'" she said.

"This is a case of someone, a human being, who came unglued one day. How else would you explain someone running around downtown Lowell in broad daylight, apparently accosting women? He is a human being who came unglued," Marzilli family spokesman George Bachrach said.

Marzilli, an Arlington Democrat, was charged in 2008 with making sexually explicit remarks to four women in Lowell and attempting to sexually touch one of them.

After his arrest, Marzilli was treated at a psychiatric hospital for a bipolar disorder.

Marzilli resigned from office in November 2008.

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