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Friday, June 24, 2016

Who’s On The List

Campbell Newman, the nut-case Premier of the Australian state of Queensland, has released a list of motorcycle clubs which will now be banned under the state’s new anti-biker law, formally called “The Criminal Law (Criminal Gangs Disruption) Amendment Bill.”
In alphabetical order the banned clubs are the: Bandidos; Black Uhlans; Coffin Cheaters; Comancheros; Finks; Fourth Reich; Gladiators; Gypsy Jokers; Hells Angels; Highway 61; Iron Horsemen; Life and Death; Lone Wolf; Mobshitters; Mongols; Muslim Brotherhood Movement; Nomads; Notorious; Odins Warriors; Outcasts; Outlaws; Phoenix; Rebels; Red Devils; Renegades; and Scorpions.
Some of the clubs, like Notorious and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (patch above) are virtually unknown in the United States. The MBM, Notorious and the Soldiers of Islam, which didn’t make the list, are comprised mostly of Lebanese immigrants and Australians of Lebanese descent. Australian police claim the Soldiers of Islam is allied with the Bandidos.
According to Jarrod Bleijie, the nut-case who is Queensland’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, the list may be expanded at any time by “declaration.”
“If they create a new gang, we can prescribe by declaration, after satisfying criteria based on police evidence and CMC evidence and some other criteria we are putting in the Bill, we can add them to the list,” Comrade Bleijie declared.

Prison Australia

The new law makes it crime punishable by a mandatory six months in jail for members of any of the banned clubs to gather in groups of three or more or to promote their clubs or recruit members. The mandatory penalty for engaging in an affray, or public fight, will be increased to seven years. Any vehicle used before, during or after any of these offenses will be confiscated and crushed.
Assault on police officer will be punishable by a mandatory sentence of one year in prison. Members of motorcycle clubs will be routinely denied bail and those members granted bail must surrender their passports. Any motorcycle used to run from the police will be seized and crushed.
Any club member who refuses to testify against fellow members in secret police hearings will face mandatory prison time.


Newman has also proclaimed that outlaw motorcycle clubs can no longer be officially called “outlaw motorcycle gangs” but must now be called “criminal motorcycle gangs.”
“I am no longer going to have the use of this term outlaw motorcycle gang in the Queensland Government,” Newman proclaimed. “I’ve told the Police Commissioner and the Police Minister we’re not using that term anymore around there. They are criminal motorcycle gangs.”

“What these people have done is they’ve spun this yarn over the last few years, that really they’re ruffians, outlaws with hearts of gold, who rob from the rich and give to the poor,” Newman complained. “They’re not. They’re criminals. They’re thugs. They deal in drugs and prostitution. They use fear and intimidation to scare Queenslanders.”