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Thursday, June 16, 2016


As most of you are aware of, there have been a couple of recent felony arrests of bikers for having a leather strap hanging from their handlebars. The bad cops (and they are bad cops) are stopping and arresting bikers for this leather ornament. Attached is what the original slung shot looked like. As you can see it is a bit of a stretch to compare the biker "whip" with a slung shot. A bit of history, Abraham Lincoln successfully defended a client on a murder charge using a slung shot. FYI, a slung shot is not a felony in a lot of states. Simply put, the handle bar ornament is used for a pretextual stop. Now we can help those who want to learn how to fight this, that means you learn and fight. As Americans, we are not suppose to be asking permission from our government. But today, we are now fighting the government created by the people. The government was originally created to protect our freedoms. Point is, if you want your American Biker freedom, you will actually have to fight for it. Or simply comply and quit your bitching. In regards to the slung shot, we (BOLT) have 2 excellent attorneys working on this. If you are in Sacramento or surrounding areas, please consider these 2 exceptional attorneys; Gary Gorski and Dan Karalash.