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Friday, June 10, 2016

New “Loophole” Gets Concealed Carry Qualification Online.

Did you know that California residents can qualify to legally carry a handgun concealed in over half of the United States, starting simply by taking a common sense online test?  
                  Where I live, concealed carry applications are processed by a county court judge with the help of the sheriff.
Background checks are backed up for months (or years) and if your application ever actually makes it to a judge’s desk, you still have to wait another 90 days (minimum) for his unlikely approval.
In a “may issue” state like mine, getting through the piles of paperwork, approvals, and bureaucracy to get your concealed carry permit can take forever.
But now, instead of waiting for paper pushers to process your application and having to go to the range for your training course, you can qualify to legally carry concealed in over half the United States— all with an ONLINE course, test, and application process.
Pay attention because…

Thanks to this “Legal Loophole” I Had My CCW In Days, Not Months

I couldn’t believe this actually worked until I received my concealed carry permit in just two weeks…
It turns out that the State of Virginia has a fast, common sense, and completely digital CCW application and laws in place that require application processing in 45 days or less.
But that’s not even the best part…
  • A VA State CCW is Recognized in Over Half the Country!
  • The Requirements are Easy to Understand!
  • The Entire Process Takes Minutes!
  • You Can get the Required training Certification Online!
  • And, it doesn’t matter where you live!
Absolutely anyone can apply for a Virginia State CCW and legally carry concealed in half the U.S. because…

Virginia Still Allows Out of State Residents to Apply for Concealed Carry Permits!

All you need to do is take a simple, common sense online course and test and (provided you meet the Virginia criteria for out-of-state applicants) you can immediately apply.
I took the Concealed Online course and test 4 weeks ago…
The entire process took 30 minutes and included a FREE video course with a certified instructor and a 10 multiple-choice question test.
After the course and test (you can re-take as many times as you would like), I immediately applied with the VA State Police.
My permit was mailed to me 2 weeks later!

The Virginia CCW Is Recognized in Over Half the United States!

Virginia is Still Issuing Concealed Carry Permits to Residents of All 50 States! How Long Will this “Legal Loophole” Last?

With Concealed Online, qualifying for a Virginia State CCW permit has never been easier!
But you need to act fast!
This “legal loophole” (including the online qualification process) could be closed at any time.
Right now, Virginia is one of the ONLY states with a massive list of multi-state CCW reciprocity.
Click here to see which states you can carry in with this Virginia CCW.
Thanks to the availability of the instructors and online course provided by Concealed Online, qualifying to apply in Virginia is incredibly fast.
Previously (and in a TON of other states) you had to go in person to a course, take a long test, and participate in a skills assessment.
Now, with Concealed Online, you can take the required course and test for free!
Just click here to learn more.
But be sure to act fast! There’s no telling how long with “loophole” will remain open!

Qualify ONLINE to Carry Concealed Today! It Only Takes Minutes.

It's really that simple. Here's how it works:
Step 1: Register with Concealed Online
Step 2: Watch the Video and take a 10 Question Multiple-Choice Test
Step 3: Download your Certificate
(just pay $49 processing for certificate download)
Step 4: Submit your Paperwork, Required Documents and Fees, and Get your Permit and Start Carrying Legally!
The best part is, they are offering their new course for FREE for a limited-time. You can watch the training video, take the test, and see your results all for free by clicking here.
Once you pass, you just download your training certificate, send it in with your application, and within a few weeks you can carry a handgun concealed almost anywhere. List of states here.
Now, there are some restrictions about who qualifies. You must be 21, and you can't have been convicted of a felony. The full qualification list is here...
Click here to take the class and test at no cost. Don't wait till it's too late and yet another one of your rights is gone forever.