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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Arizona motorcycle rights advocates pursing motorcycle rider profiling legislation in their state.

Arizona motorcycle rights advocates are pursing motorcycle rider profiling legislation in their state. The following comments come from one such advocate...
Maybe, just maybe, here in AZ the LE hierarchy will at some point decide to use those millions in tax payer funding to go after street gangs as opposed to spending millions in OT as they do currently for cops to sit around at night giving tickets at MC events for both feet not touching the ground, or doing 36 in a 35, or hovering in helicopters watching bikers at a BBQ. Maybe... but probably not. Which is why it behooves us all to follow the money, the funding for GITEM/Gang Task Force.
Once our legislators understand that:
1) there are millions in statewide that are MEANT to fight actual gangs and gang crime, like human and drug trafficking and NOT gaming the system for easy OT giving out jay walking tickets to bikers
2) they have been lied to and misled by this State's LEO's
3) while the govt. has one agenda (protecting our borders and citizens) LEO's in AZ have their own agenda of easy OT pay harassing bikers
4) there are (give or take) 170,000 registered bikers in AZ who vote
... maybe, just maybe... there will be changes. To those in law enforcement reading this, the last time I was pulled over was by a DPS cop who pulled me over to "give me a message... they are sick and tired of harassing lawsuits and complaints" .... and that "they will be watching us (MC's) and looking for us (MC's)". Cop didn't seem to understand that his very actions were the very epitome of the discrimination and harassment we are complaining about. Well... we are watching you, photographing you, recording you. Bummer for law enforcement in AZ... AZ LEO's will one day be forced to actually go after real gangs, fight real violence and crime, and actually do your job which will not entail what you (LE) now do. That is a promise.