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Thursday, June 18, 2015

WACO,TEXAS - The Kiel Video


The Kiel VideoWaco police continue to lie about what happened before during and after the Twin Peaks Massacre on May 17.

In a written statement issued last Friday, June 12, police announced: “There were 16 uniformed Waco Police Department Officers to include 5 Supervisors (3 Sergeants, 1 Commander and an Assistant Chief). Included in that number was a Tactical Element (SWAT Officers) assigned and present. None of the Officers were assigned in a sniper capacity and all Officers were in their vehicles at the time the suspects began the shooting. Those Officers were stationed in the parking lots adjacent to the Twin Peaks and were visible to patrons entering the Twin Peaks parking lot. There were 6 marked Waco Police units and 4 unmarked Waco Police vehicles. This does not include DPS vehicles. There were also Texas Department of Public Safety Officers assigned to the event as well.”
The press release is disingenuous and forces the public to calculate the Waco Department’s lies of omission. The  carefully worded statement refers to Texas Department of Public Safety officers but declines to specify how many of them were there or why. Although there were agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on scene, the official statement ignores them. It also declines to count undercover police officers on scene. In an earlier statement, spokesman W. Patrick Swanton flatly stated that there were “no undercover” police on scene.

Game Wardens

Last Friday’s statement also declines to specify who showed up after the shooting started, whether those reinforcements were staged and where, and how long it took them to arrive.
Among the participants or reinforcements at the Massacre were sworn peace officers from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. There are three game wardens assigned to the Waco office at 1601 E Crest Drive which is about four miles from the Twin Peaks restaurant. Those men are Michael P. Serbanic, Roger O. Nichols and Matthew S. Kiel. The Aging Rebel believes that at least one of those wardens, 36-year-old Matt Kiel, was in the Twin Peaks parking lot.
The statement issued last Friday states, “Videos of the incident have been transferred to FBI Investigators for analysis.” The statement does not explain how many videos are being analyzed, where they came from or whether videos have been withheld from analysis in order to maintain secrecy about the Massacre. For example, the statement does not say whether smartphone video and still photos taken by Kiel have been turned over to the FBI, destroyed or locked away in an underground bunker in Area 51.
When reached by phone on Tuesday afternoon and asked about his part in the Twin Peaks Massacre, Kiel referred all questions to the headquarters of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Austin.