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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Man Who Put 177 Bikers in Prison.. Fast Facts about Walter H. Peterson

Just when you think the news from Waco couldn’t get any shadier… the Motorcycle Attorney goes and drops a bomb like this!!!
The issue with a $1 million dollar bond was also mind boggling until now. The arrest warrants were issued by a Justice of the Peace, not a judge! A Justice of the Peace has the authority to hear misdemeanor cases if no jail time is sought and civil cases not exceeding $10,000 (small claims courts). The Justice of the Peace that issued the arrest warrants, Walter H. “Pete” Peterson, is a former Public Safety Trooper with no formal legal training; meaning he is not a judge nor an attorney!
The not so honorable Walter H. Peterson made some really idiotic choices in the last couple weeks, starting with violating the terms of his office by not writing one insanely high bond, one hundred times more than his office is allowed in fact… Not one, but 177 one million dollar bonds on innocent people. He isn’t even allowed to handle things that are felonies. Look at him hard, folks. This man is the reason your friends and loved ones are losing their homes, cars, bikes, even their children. This fat faced ugly pig is the reason bikers bloodied and shot up and frightened were herded up like cattle to slaughter and all but 6 of them are still sitting in jail today. He pretends he is being malevolent by lowering their bonds to $25,000.. plus the added approximate cost of a lawyer is around $70,000.. what a wonderful way to treat Americans after you force them to lose their jobs for doing nothing more than going to a restaurant where a bunch of bikers are. He has perpetrated slanderous misconceptions on literally hundreds of people.. every biker in the world, actually, with this idiotic stunt he pulled. I guess once a cop, always a cop, huh? He violated every single civil right that every single person there had. He violated the sanctity of the law of the Great State of Texas by basically giving it the bird. He knew he wasn’t allowed to write the first bond for that amount of money. I believe Waco should make sure he loses that $70,000 they pay this sorry dog every year. I wish he would live to see the repercussions his fraud will cause on the biker community for years to come, seeing as how he effectively wiped away about half a century of hard work trying to kill the stereotypes by allowing HIS gang to attack and kill and wound American citizens on American soil, but I don’t see that happening since those fleshy jowls insinuate he is probably a walking heart attack anyway.
Walter H. Peterson, Sr.
Retired State Trooper
Waco, Texas Area Law Enforcement
Texas Department of Public Safety
Central Texas College
Retired Highway Patrol Sergeant
Texas Department of Public Safety
January 1979 – August 2011 (32 years 8 months)Waco, TX
First line supervisor for nine Troopers in all their duties, making schedules, checking reports, complaint investigation, administrative duties.
Central Texas College
Associates, Criminal Justice
1975 – 1977
Attended part-time while working full time for Copperas Cove Police Department
I’m not sure why his campaigns are called “GoPisForMe.” maybe he is incontinent?
sure does think a lot of himself, doesn’t he? sounds like a holster sniffer too.

“I don’t care if they need me to sign a warrant in the middle of the night…I’m used to it. My wife’s used to it…I’ve been on call my whole life,” exclaimed Peterson regarding his commitment to the job.
give him a call at 254-420-3151 on his Southwestern Bell landline and tell him what you think of those million dollar bonds!
Map of location at 500 Moss Hill Rd
500 Moss Hill Rd Hewitt, TX 76643-3352
According to the latest state records, Walter H Peterson is a Sergeant, Dps in the following department: TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. Peterson had a salary of $69,043, which is 1.5 times greater than the average of all TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY employees ($47,221) and 1.7 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).

Peterson was hired on 01/10/1979 by the State of Texas.