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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SAN DIEGO, CA - Laffing Devils Sandman Opens New Business

Fans of the Discovery Channel’s love-to-hate-it show The Devils Ride have an opportunity to show real-time support for one of the members of the now-defunct Laffing Devils. The Laffing Devils’ “Sandman” has a new business endeavor.
Cast member “Sandman” left a rather rambling message on The Devils Ride Facebook page indicating he is part of a new business, and has invited everyone – he wants a “million people” – to show support by attending the grand opening.

Laffing Devils Sandman announces grand opening of his new business.
Photo: The Devils Ride Facebook Fan Page
Laffing Devils Sandman left a message for his fans enjoining one and all to appear for the grand opening of the Pole Position Gentlemen’s Club in San Diego.  He’ll be available for photos.  He also has t-shirts for sale to help pad his defense fund.
(4/5/2013 update: If you missed the grand opening, you may be able to catch Sandman at the East County Regional Center on April 11 – he’ll be appearing for arraignment.)
Sandman indicated the party starts at 7:00 p.m., and promises his genitalia won’t be visible.  He wrote (and this is verbatim, folks):
“Hey it’s $ANDMAN I want to see a million people or at least real close at the grand opening of the POLE POSITION Gentleman’s club located in Northpark San Diego on the corner of El Cajon Blvd. and Ohio Street
Myself as well as a few of my brothers from other mothers laughing Devils will be there showing our support I expect to see you there to
The owner of the club is a good friend of mine who I got nothing but love and respect for in the highest regards as well as this is my new job/business
So come out and show your support for that as well also working my ass off to get this campaign up and running with the help of all a few good friends like to say thank you to Frankie Harper for your support all to get the free Sandman campaign up and running
We will have T-shirts for sale hey small donation to my defense fund for which they’re trying to get rid of me for good this time And we all know that but money doesn’t buy happiness but it can buy freedom I it can buy peace of mind in this country so I need all the money I can get to fight this bullshit case 
Please help spread the word this Friday night the pole position gentleman’s club strip club whatever they can bitches and titties and Sandman is always a good time corner of alcohol Boulevard and Ohio St., San Diego Party starts around seven or eight which means I’ll probably get there around nine or 10 so we hope to see you guys lots of food and good times also I take pictures with everybody whether they’re conscious or not and it’s in a public place so my penis will stay in my pants don’t be afraid”