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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Update on California Motorcycle Club Gang Validations.

 As reported back in July 2017. The cited club member was photographed by LE while riding on the highway in the Sacramento area. Several weeks later, he received a letter from the Sacramento PD informing him of their intention to add him to CalGang as a gang member.
Sacramento PD has a published Q&A on how they collect information and assess alleged gang members for inclusion via a series of established criteria.
In this rider's case, SPD failed to use their established guidelines and when challenged to produce evidence showing involvement in criminal activities, SPD had no choice but to affirm the rider's appeal.
Now that LE is now required to disclose information on their gang validation and inclusion process by law, it gives affected parties the opportunity to challenge them, putting the burden of proof on LE. I suspect that in the majority of cases where riders were added before the law was enacted as well those who may be cited going forward, that the allegations are baseless and can be overturned if addressed immediately and firmly.
As far as I know, Sacramento PD is the only LEA that has issued Gang Validation Letters to motorcycle riders. If anyone knows differently, please private message me, the MPP or the NCOC.
Again, if you or someone you know that rides a motorcycle receives a gang validation letter from LE, contact us and we can point you to a trusted local attorney to assist with your appeal.