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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

10 Painfully True Examples of Murphy’s Laws for Motorcycles

So, just in case you don’t know what the Murphy’s Law is, it’s an adage that never comes of age. The law is simple.
“Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong”.
And if there’s one thing it really applies to is, motorcycling. A lot of things which can go wrong, do end up going wrong for a lot of motorcyclists. Here’s a list of 10!

What’s worse than falling of a motorcycle? A bunch of people standing there to see it and laugh at you. Generally, the larger your ego, and the larger the crowd that has its eyes on you, the more your chances are of falling. An expensive new motorcycle makes it all the more worse.

You’ve put in all your gear. Boots, Padding, Jacket, Protector, Gloves, Helmet. Just about everything. And right then, nature will give you a call. And when nature calls, there’s no “Reject” button.


Ohh, the weather is all good today. I haven’t ridden in quite a few days. It’s time to take that long ride I’ve been planning since some while. Let’s head out. No need of any rain gear, even. Well buddy, give yourselves 20 minutes into the ride, and you’ll be soaking wet in rain that came out of nowhere.

“I’m riding 50 miles an hour. My head isn’t even the size of a badminton racket. What are the odds I’ll hit a bug.” Just try testing that once with your visor up and mouth open. I bet you’ll never dare again.

“There’s something wrong in the bike. Let me get down and check.” “Ohh, it’s just a quick fix. Let me do it here itself, by the side of the road”. Try doing that and you’ll be apprehensive about using the word “quick” ever again.

“The repair kit is too much a pain to carry around. Let it stay at the house as well. I don’t ever need it anyway”. Well buddy, today you will. Today’s the day you’ll get the flat you haven’t gotten in a lot of months.

You urgently need some parts. Not a problem. I’ll just order it on Amazon and get it in a day. Well good luck buddy. The one time you need that part, neither will it be on discount, nor will it be available. Get ready to use Uber for quite some time now.

“It’s just a single problem. I’m pretty sure the rest of the bike is just fine”. Wait for it. Just as you think you’re about done fixing what you set out to, you’ll find a whole pandora box of other problems, which you’ll now HAVE to fix.

You’ve just cleaned and shined your bike. You’ve taken out every spec and particle of dust from every crevice there is. “How about I take this good looking lady for a nice spin?” Minutes later you’ll find yourself riding through a puddle which came out of nowhere.

You’re low on gas. “It’s okay. There’s a station every few miles”. Guess what buddy? Today, they’ll all vanish in thin air. And the ones which won’t, wouldn’t have any gas to give you.
How many times have you fallen prey to any of the above situations? Let us know your tales of distress and bad luck in the comments section below.