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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reversing Obama’s Last-Minute Land Grab Read more at:

"The GOP plans to restore control of more than a million acres to the people of Utah and Nevada." They had better, and we had better support them 100% in doing so by all means available to us. People out West are sick of being put upon by the weenies in DC and all of their radical environmentalist Marxist "stake holders" (I like to call them "watermelons" because they are green on the outside, but red on the inside, since they really are Marxists who are just using "environmental concerns" as a justification of their desire for the national government, and then international government, to control all resources and land).
Trump and the GOP MUST fix this, restoring control of the land to the people of Utah and Nevada. And frankly, Trump should use his own power to issue executive orders to simply negate Obama's EOs. He can do that all on his own, even if Congress drops the ball. In fact, Trump should do that with all of Obama's EOs, and thus wipe out his "imperial presidency" legacy. Rescind them all! Start over with new EOs wherever they are actually constitutionally necessary and proper.
If Trump and the GOP don't fix this, the people of the West will, through nullification, both at the state and local levels. They will simply start using their land again, regardless of what the feds say or do. But let's give Trump a chance to do the right thing. Within the liberty/patriot movement, we need to cool the jets of the hotheads at least until Trump is in office and has the opportunity to fix it. DON'T give Obama an excuse to declare an emergency and try to stay in office. Stay cool for seventeen more days and wait till Obama is gone and then deal with the new Trump admin instead. Putin, for example, is smart enough to do that, and is for now ignoring Obama's clumsy provocations to try to start a war. Putin is waiting to deal with Trump rather than with a lame duck idiot. The Patriot movement needs to do likewise. Stewart Rhodes