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Saturday, January 21, 2017

New California gun laws taking effect in 2017

By: Zak Dahlheimer
More draconian, unconstitutional, and absolutely unnecessary California gun control laws. Have taken effect. As of today.
All of which do nothing. Except provide an upper hand to violent criminals. Who are preying on law abiding citizens. And, continue the incremental monopolization of power. Into the hands of the state.…/new-california-gun-laws-tak…/238681258
PALM DESERT, Calif. - Kent Miller with Second Amendment Sports said they've been keeping busy ahead of 2017.
While a new year often triggers new laws, he said many have come in inquiring about certain rifles that in just days will be classified by the state as having features related to assault weapons.
"Any firearm that was compliant up to this point using the feature called a bullet button, which is a magazine-locking device that requires you to use a tool to release the magazine, is no longer legal," Miller said.
Along with the ban of rifles with a bullet button, Miller said another law taking effect in the new year involves magazines holding more than 10 rounds to either be shipped out of state, surrendered to law enforcement, or destroyed.
As the new laws take effect, experts like Miller said they hope gun owners will follow them, regardless of opinion.
"Law abiding citizens are going to continue to do what law abiding citizens do," Miller said. "They'll register their firearms, they're going to use them how they do in a sporting fashion, come to the range and practice and train with those."
Miller said the last day to buy a rifle banned under the new law was december 21st due to a 10-day waiting period.

He said if you already have a firearm classified under the new law, you can keep it, as long as you register it online with the Department of Justice.
The link for the registration hasn't been set up yet.

He said you can't sell or give those guns away, now that they're classified with assault weapon features.