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Friday, September 30, 2016

Meeting reminder: Wednesday, Oct 5th, 8PM, San Francisco. A few of us will be coming from the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP)

Meeting reminder: Wednesday, Oct 5th, 8PM, San Francisco. A few of us will be coming from the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) Advisory Committee Meeting at CHP Headquarters in Sacramento and will be providing our debrief from that meeting. We are hoping to hear of what educational guidelines the CHP may be developing for motorcycle lane splitting in 2017 after AB51 goes into effect in January.

Bay Area United Motorcycle Rider Coalition meetings provide informative updates on National, State and Local issues, events, Legislation and Litigation that affect our biker community and civil rights.

The meetings are run by local volunteers. There is no board, no organizational hierarchy, no memberships, fees or other monetary, time or resource expectations. Just people getting together and helping one another in mutually respectful and constructive ways. It was created and developed by our local community for our local community.

We welcome all like-minded riders who share the same values and goals as they relate to our lifestyle and culture.

We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community to become more involved in a productive and responsible way.

Our goal is to make a positive difference in your life and those around you.

We want to know what you think is important. Bring your questions for our attorney and ideas for topics that you would like to see presented or discussed during future meetings.

Don't just stand on the sideline; get engaged in your motorcycle community, help protect your individual freedoms, civil liberties and your neighbors.

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