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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


NEWS FLASH: “THE BIKERS OF AMERICA, THE PHIL and BILL SHOW” December 22nd 8 pm pacific time a very special radio announcement you do not want to miss as in early January in San Bernardino Ca a live 2 day video shoot open to the public and free concert following to donate 100% of all raised funds to help the families of the San Bernardino Ca shootings, please come out and help support and respect this event as it is needed to help all those who need our help, Thank you.
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Berdoo JC Hi all, this message is being sent to Ben Munoz film director, Philip Heneghan one of the major host of the Bikers of America Phil and Bill radio show, Colin Whalen vocalist of BERDOO, also Ray Garrett drummer of BERDOO, Aleister Battle bassist of BERDOO, and myself Berdoo JC guitarist of BERDOO backup page. Tonight we are doing a live call in radio interview at the bikers of america phil and bill show with Ben Munoz and Colin, Ray, Aleister, and myself Berdoo JC to many listeners world wide and this show is also archived for listen later on also, the Phil and Bill show has a massive following as i witnessed December 1st when i called in and had listeners and callers from all over the Usa, Brazil, Germany, North Korea, Indoniesia, Asia, Spain and many more, in fact even Jay Rexx the ex vocalist of Attika7 band in Los Angeles called in and many more, there are many things going on and Ben wants to set the show tonight in motion with the plans to do a new two day video shoot with us BERDOO in San Bernardino early January as a tribute charity to help the families for all the innocent victims that were affected by that tragic shooting that happen weeks ago and we are all in go mode to make this happen, plus a concert also in San Bernardino following the video shoot, Ben is also contacting everyone he knows to get them to come to this live two day video shoot and have them involved in it as well as many military vets, soldiers, bikers, low riders, hot lady's, and open to the public to be a part of this video shoot as long as it is with total respect to what were are going to accomplish, (no haters period) as there will be many security brothers there through Ben's crew and he knows a lot of very cool people, i told Ben that were are fully down with doing this and he is the chief with the plan to make this video happen as it should be as it is his creation to capture the images and emotion he has in mind to make this new BERDOO video a life changing experience on the silver screen, Ben also know that we are going to shoot the new song that Colin and i wrote 6 months ago titled "Innocent Victims" and when i sang a few words that Colin wrote the the music he said he got chills from the lyric's, plus Ben watched the short one minute trailer video i put together on youtube with the filming i did in an old abandoned house with Colin, Ray and myself as the visuals and that gave Ben more chills, point is this song is going to make everyone pay attention to what the hell is happening to this country and all the innocent victims that have been effected over all this wrong doing in our nations capitol, The music is very heavy hard rock metal dark and biker balls to the wall with so much feeling and energy and with the vocal tracks is is a very serious song that will touch the minds and hearts of every soul on this planet and that is a fact, Then following the video shoot we are going to do a live free concert and try to raise lots of funds to donate to those families that need our help now, i want to make this very clear to everyone, we are not out to exploit anyone or line our pockets with money doing this video or concert, this is a pure feelings and heart felt work to help the ones who are left without their loved ones forever because of the serious tragic things that we as a nation are going through and this whole idea of doing this video and concert is to wake people up to the fact that we are all innocent victims, you me and everyone... 
I Berdoo JC guitarist songwriter will be arriving into San Bernardino my hometown on January 7th 2016 to hook up with my band mates Colin Whalen, vocalist, Aleister Battle bassist and Ray Garrett drummer to go directly to Ben Munoz place and get down to business making the best possible award winning video that Ben has in mind with many talented artist, family and friends to make sure that this new music video titled "Innocent Victims" by the band BERDOO and amazing film director Ben Munoz is a full blown hit that will touch the hearts of everyone on this planet and with God's love for all. Thank you all for what is about to happen... JC Berdoo & Berdoo JC