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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here's a reality check, and a lengthy one at that.

Here's a reality check, and a lengthy one at that. As we all get ready to celebrate the Holidays and the up and coming new year, let's not forget that an enemy is lurking in the background waiting on Americans to be vulnerable. The problem with this situation is, we are at war with an unknown enemy. An enemy that is blending into society, who's kids are going to your kids school, an enemy that works right along side of some of us, an enemy that we call "neighbor". What's the worst part, an enemy that has zero value on lives, to include their own.
These aren't your typical rag head wearing, long bearded, robe attire terrorists anymore. They are now the doctors, gas station attendants, office workers, business owners, and your friendly pharmacists. America needs to wake up now, more so than ever before.
France was threatened in the past, those threats were recently followed through with. In that same video, Americans were threatened that a few months after the France attacks took place, we were next and that these terrorists will be well planted on American soil, surprise people, they are already here.
I am NOT saying Americans should live in fear, not one bit. I AM saying that Americans need to wake up and stop using the "Turn the other cheek" strategy, we will fail miserably if that thought process continues. You also have to remember the "lone wolves" involved. These are the idiots trying to make a name for themselves by walking into churches and schools and killing innocent people. That's what society has come to today.
Instead, ask yourself what these animals are doing daily in order to become stronger, in order to multiply, and in order to kill each and every American or innocent person. Are you bettering yourself for this daily threat? Do you go into places with a strategic plan of any kind if you do find yourself in this position? Planning, training and prevention is the mind set we should all work to adopt from here on out.
The reality of things and bottom line is this, our Nation is in trouble and we the people need to be ready and prepared for this unknown and battle that will emerge. "United we stand, divided we fall" remember that.
The world is only getting crazier by the minute and we seem to continue to only react to things after they have already happened and it's way too late. That's poor planning and prevention measures. Can we predict or prevent everything, no. Can we see what's coming from a mile away, absolutely.
We can't count on LE, Military, FBI, Secret Service, or any other agency to protect our Nation from everything. We are only groups of men and women with a million tasks at hands and issues that come up every second of the day. If you think that way you will fail yourself.
With that said, it's time to wake up and put the open arms and welcoming of all on the back burner, the ones we welcome in are the same ones that want us out. Get your permits, have a plan in place, report suspicious activity of all kinds. Don't do what the neighbors of the 2 terrorists in California did, they admitted after it was too late they failed to report anything due to them appearing to look racist. Yet these two terrorists are making bombs in their home to kill god knows how many. Use commonsense people, it's free