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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Iron Order MC Metastasising

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club, which has branded itself as “the law abiding motorcycle club” and has been the largest aspirational motorcycle club in the world, has lost about 1,000 members to a brand new club called the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club.
The new club claims members throughout the United States and has announced nine “international” and regional officers.

Running Things

Ray “Izod” Lubesky is the international president of the new club. Lubesky is a former fast food executive with Cinnabon, Ponderosa Steakhouses and Papa John’s Pizza who now runs a painting company franchise in Palm Harbor, Florida. Lubesky was the longtime president of the Iron Order.
Craig “Playboy” Cabral of Assonet, Massachusetts in the new club’s international vice-president. Michael “Taxman” Falcon, a tax preparer from Swansea, Massachusetts will be the international business manager. Bob “Freon” Souza, an air conditioner repairman from Fall River, Massachusetts will be the new sergeant at arms. John “Just One More” Marsden, a recent Iron Order regional director from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, will be a regional director for the new club. Rick Weeble of Louisville, Kentucky, a former international business manager for the Iron Order will be the Iron Legacy’s Central United States director. Roanld “Kingpin” Candelaria, the owner of Kingpin Real Estate in Temecula, California and a former Iron Order regional director will be the Iron Legacy’s West Coast director. James “Whiskey” Arnold, a history buff from Nashville will be in charge of the new club’s “Internal Affairs/Professional Standards” and Joe “Professor” Loiacano, an original member of the Iron Order who sells fruit and produce in Louisville, will be an “advisor.”

Real Beginning

In a statement, the new club declared, “We chose to turn back to the path set 11 years ago and now we will start our 12th year as Iron Legacy MC. Not a new beginning but a return to the real beginning that brought us together years ago.”
In 2011, Jason Nark and William Bender of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote, “Authorities say that the soaring popularity of the Sons of Anarchy TV show – the most watched in FX’s history – could be contributing to a disturbing trend: Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together, are forming small motorcycle clubs and dabbling in the outlaw lifestyle.” Lubesky read the comment on The Aging Rebel and was flattered.
“That is exactly how and why the Iron Order Motorcycle Club was started…in a garage in Jeffersonville, Indiana,” Lubesky said. “We formed our own club with our own rules. We didn’t care what anyone else thought about us or what bullshit they spread about what we were doing. We swore to stick together and fought internally and externally every threat that came our way. We never backed down and never changed direction because some organization or club criticized and condemned us. We stood our ground and pushed forward whenever and wherever we found like-minded men with iron balls who wanted the same things we did.  We found there were a whole lot of them out there all over the world.” Lubesky thought Nark and Bender made “a strong statement of what was going on in the world of clubs and we happened to pioneer some of it. For that I am profoundly proud.”

Aspirational Club

The Aging Rebel has since described such clubs comprised of “Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together,” who form “small motorcycle clubs and” dabble “in the outlaw lifestyle” as “aspirational motorcycle clubs” to differentiate them from traditional motorcycle clubs. The Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club appears to be the newest of these aspirational clubs.
In his first statement as new president of the Iron Legacy, Lubesky wrote his members, “We have no reason to hide or be secretive. We need to be above board and honest. We must have the highest integrity and let those morons grovel in their shit piles. When you turn the lights on the roaches run for cover. We are not the roaches. Let them do the running. Let’s not hide behind anything. If the assholes want to know anything about what we’re doing let them call and ask and we should answer. I am sure we will have plants and spies. It will not matter as we will hide nothing.”