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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This is why you're going to love the Vigor Drone 2.0

Now You Can Actually Buy Drones With Cameras Online And Spy On Your Friends And Neighbors... Somebody Said "NSA" ?

Vigor Drone 2.0

With HD Camera

The new Vigor Drone 2.0 features a new and powerful built-in HD camera that lets you capture professional, high-quality videos and photos. You can fly the Vigor Drone up to 100m above extreme sport events, beach parties, your neighborhood, your school or any other place you want. The Vigor Drone is very easy to fly, is powerful and will capture stable videos even in windy conditions.


Real-Time Live Image Streaming


On your screen, see live streaming of what the Vigor Drone is viewing right now. With its onboard HD camera, the drone always transmits the footage to your screen, so you'll have the ability to control the aircraft in real time and respond to mid-air situations. It's "Revolutionary".              

Vigor Drone

Professional Video Quality

HD 720P

With its ultra high-resolution, high frame rate, fast and powerful photo capture camera you will be able to capture the most amazing footage from the air, with sharp and stable images.
Now you will be able to capture amazing videos and photos of the people you love, and the places that make you go WOW. This game-changing drone's camera is responsible for many of the most breathtaking videos on YouTube.      

  1. Key Features

    This is why you're going to love the Vigor Drone 2.0

    Fly by throwing

    Integrated speed control

    Can flip 360? in the air

    Beginner mode for easy learning

    Strong wind resistance

    SD card stores footage &     import it to your PC/phone

    Ready to fly

    6-axis gyroscope

Full specs

2GB SD card included - record videos & photos on the card and then import them to your computer or phone
High quality LCD display (showing real time video)
Can be flown both inside and outside the house
Very easy to learn how to fly the drone
Battery is rechargeable & replaceable
Flying distance from the transmitter is bout 330 feet (100 meters)
See what the package includes
Vigor Drone Dimensions

Get The Vigor Drone 2.0


Vigor Drone

Vigor Drone 1.0

  • Flying time: about 7 minutes
  • Flying distance: about 100 meters
  • HD Camera
  • No LCD display for live images
  • No 360? Flip
Vigor Drone

Vigor Drone 2.0

For limited time only
Get 2 Extra Batteries For Free
Originally $259 - NOW $60 OFF
  • Flying time per battery: about 10 minutes
  • Flying distance: about 100 meters
  • HD Camera
  • LCD display shows live image
  • 360? flip in the air