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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Motorcycle riders push bill to split between cars on freeway

Jake Whittenberg, KING 5 News
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Motorcycle riders are pushing for legislation in Olympia that would allow them to split between cars in traffic congestion.
House Bill 1515, sponsored by Rep. Drew MacEwen (R- Union) would allow lane splitting when traffic is traveling no more than 35 mph. Motorcycles would be allowed to go no more than 10 mph over that.
Although the bill has bipartisan support, the Washington State Patrol says the idea is dangerous.
"Our concern is that they are riding in an unsafe area and a place that is not marked to drive," said Trooper Chris Webb. Webb adds that any motorcycle crash, no matter at what speed, always results in a serious or fatal injury.
But riders are praising the idea saying it's a safety issue for them.
"It reduces the amount of rear impact collisions which could be extremely devastating." said Larry Walker, a motorcycle rider with the Washington Road Riders Association. Walker says a rider at the back of the line in heavy traffic is vulnerable to speeding cars behind them.
California currently allows lane splitting.