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Friday, February 20, 2015

Below is the email I sent to the Nebraska Patriot Guard State Captain - Scott Knudson

Below is the email I sent to the
Nebraska Patriot Guard State Captain - Scott Knudson
Hate group targets Nebraska City
Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., which is well known for its picketing presence at a variety of events nationwide, including the funerals of U.S.
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Scott Knudson - Nebraska Patriot Guard State Captain,
I received a notification from MANY of my Facebook contacts that the *Westboro Baptist Church* is going to be in Nebraska City, NE protesting. For the most part they are stating their reason is to protest Abortion, but they are also going to have signs regarding our fallen Vets, too.
Why are they protesting in front of the Nebraska City High School and Why is it that as of yet we have no info about this from our Patriot Riders? Are there going to be some available to stand in front of the school and if so, can you PLEASE let me know?!
I would very much like to attend and assist in getting support from our area riding groups to assist the Patriot Guard and American Legion Riders regarding this.
Please contact me ASAP.
( I have already spoken on national radio blog broadcast with
Phil & Bill of Biker's of America asking their advice as to how to go about working through this.
And they said to contact you. And I will be contacting the local press & media in the morning here in Omaha, too.)
Thank You for your time and I am looking forward to speaking with you about this very soon as the protest they are holding is
NEXT FRIDAY - Feb 27th 2015!
Below is the link to one of the pages with info regarding this subject.....
Opal Faatz-Stowe