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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

USA - Can You Get a Speeding Ticket for NOT Speeding?


The following was submitted to Cop Block by Tim McCorry. Tim is doing a great job of keeping LEOs accountable for their actions as a result of one injustice he suffered. Here he tells us the story of how he got started in reporting corruption.
new mexico state police 300x202 Can You Get a Speeding Ticket for NOT Speeding?In September of 2011, I drove to New Mexico from Alabama to see my dying father in the hospital. On my trip home I was driving between Santa Rosa and Tucumcari on I -40. I was in a 2011 Dodge Caravan rental with the cruise set on 70 mph… 5 mph under the speed limit. As I was going up a hill there was a small car behind me in the same lane closing in on me fast. After reaching the top I saw a New Mexico State Trooper coming the opposite direction.
The trooper slowed down and I told my wife, “That cop just got the car behind us.” Next thing I knew, the trooper is behind me pulling me over. After I stopped, the trooper approached my wife’s window and ordered me back to his patrol car without even telling me why he stopped me. My four kids started freaking out and I just told them it was o.k., I did not break any laws.
When I reached the patrol car the trooper (Officer J. Campos) ask me if I knew why he stopped me. I said, “No, but I would like to know.” That’s when he told me he clocked me going 82 in a 75 mph. I told Officer Campos that I had my cruise set on 70 mph and that it was impossible that I was going 82. I then ask him if he saw the car behind me and he said “No. You’re the only one I saw.”
Officer Campos then gave me the option of returning to New Mexico for court or sign the penalty assessment and agree to pay a $75 fine. Since it was not logical or affordable to drive 1300 miles to fight a $75 ticket, I just agreed to pay the extortion amount and be on my way.
Before this incident I never even thought it was possible to get a speeding ticket if I wasn’t speeding. But the truth is, states and cities are hurting for money in this economy and they will get it any way they can… even dishonestly.
Through my research I found Officer Campos was a rookie and had only been on the job for six months. Maybe he needs a little more training on using the radar gun?
Due to this incident I now record my speedometer when I travel as well as run an android application that tracks and records my speed and location. If you cannot prove you were not speeding, you will pay!
As a result of this incident, I now record officers breaking traffic laws and post them on the internet. I also send the links to these lawless actions to the mayor and police chief of the town I record the actions in. I will continue to do this until I feel I’ve gotten my $75 worth.
I hope Officer Campos reads this because I would like to tell him how dishonest he is. Also there are a lot of pissed off cops in Alabama that I have caught speeding that have him to thank.