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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Veterans Fundraiser 2011~ Diamond Posse PRESS RELEASE



The "Diamond Posse", a veteran's outreach program consisting of three women 'dynamos', Vicki "Spitfire" Sanfelipo, "Cat" Hammes, and Amy "Diva" Skaling have asked me (Betsy "Gypsy" Lister) to join and assist them in their latest fundraiser for veterans. We have partnered with NEADS ( Dogs for the Death and Disabled), and their 'Canines for Combat Veterans Program'. NEADS,a Massachusetts based nonprofit program trains service dogs for disabled veterans and other Americans in need. Our mission this year is to raise $20,000 it will take to be able to gift a disabled veteran a service dog.
Diamond Posse will officially launch their fundraising efforts on March 31st at Arizona Bike Week; where we will meet, and greet, and share our vision with fellow riders our passion for riding, and for supporting those who have served the United States of America. The public is invited to stop by to say hello to us, check out our bikes, our stories, our vision for this year's fundraiser, and learn more about Diamond Posse and NEADS.

The web site once up and running will track the progress of choosing the dog, the dog's training, what events we'll be present at; and our advances towards our goal. You can follow our progress and our movements once the web is up and running with this year's information. http://www/

Around September 7th this year, I will leave Boston on my motorcycle, Amy (Diva) will leave CA on hers., Vicki (Spitfire) and Cat will leave WI on theirs, and we'll ride and converge in, Kansas City MO, stopping along route at various VA centers to thank veterans for their service; and to let them know that we care and are trying to make their lives better.

Our travels will be followed by a professional photographer.
In Kansas City there'll be a tribute rally held on Saturday September 10th, and a huge ride the next day on 9/11. We've been invited to be celebrity riders at this event; and the organizers have pledged some benefaction from the event to our cause!

It would be an honor to be joined by other women (and men) on this journey for either the entire trip, or meet up with each posse along the way and continue on to Kansas City. If you or someone you know is interested in joining any one of us for this worthwhile journey, please let me know!

Veterans have always been near and dear to me; and helping them to get the recognition, homage, thanks, benefits and services they deserve is a part of what I've devoted myself to since 1967 when I became engaged to my husband Richard, a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran! For the past 15 years each weekend I've compiled a POW/MIA Veterans eZine that's delivered to veterans all over the country. As a Patriot Guard Rider and an Associate Member of two Marine Corps League Detachments, and a full member of the MCL's Honorable Few riding detachment I continue to work to benefit veterans and veterans causes on a regular basis.
I will be forever honored, humbled and blessed to work diligently as an advocate for veterans! I want to get the word out to others about the challenges they face, network on their behalf, to make their lives better and play an integral role in their recovery." It is because of their service that we enjoy the freedoms we have today!
We've got a busy schedule ahead of us, and each of these women are phenomenal and fantastic at setting our sights on lofty goals and attaining them!!
Won't you assist us in our plight?
Those that would like to send donations may make checks payable to "Diamond Posse", but send to me at:

Betsy *Gypsy* Lister
P O Box 496
Medford, MA. 02155

Services donated are welcomed as well!

I will be posting all and of course my own personal achievements in my bikerbits eZine and POW/MIA Veterans newsletter at regular intervals.

If anybody has any additional questions regarding this year's fundraiser, please feel free to email me at:
 or call me at: 781-718-3543.

I thank you all in advance for any heartfelt consideration you're able to make to this most worthy cause!

Ride and Write On!
Semper Fi~
Gypsy (Betsy E Lister)