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Monday, June 4, 2018

AB 2972 Pulled - What to do now

Please read all the way to the end plus the attachment!  Effort on Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling is not dead.  It will continue with a new bill next year but there is work to do starting NOW. As Robert Tobaldo says:  We may have lost the battle today, but I can assure you that we WILL find a new way to win the war.  We need your help and effort to win the war. 

Nancy Nemecek
ABATE Local 6 – Vice President
California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition

June 3, 2018

With regret I have to inform everyone that we and the author – Assembly member Anna Caballero – opted to pull our bill – AB 2972 – after we found out that we could not garner enough votes to get the bill out of the full Assembly floor.  Pulling the bill was better than facing a certain loss.  In Sacramento, a loss makes getting votes for a re-submitted bill next year very difficult.  It would seem that law enforcement lobbied our representatives just a bit harder than we did.  That being said, we may be down this year, but all of us on the committee are dedicated to try new strategies next year to get a Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling bill passed!  With all of your help, we will come back next year wiser and stronger from the lessons we learned this year!

One of the things you CAN do this year and right now is to contact the representatives that did support us.  I have attached a list of all of our friends that did support us and I am asking all of you to please contact them and thank them for their support.  Just a short email or phone call to say thanks really means a lot to them!  And IF you can find just a couple of hours to help one of our supporters in their campaigns this year, that help goes a LONG way!  Just 2-4 hours of hanging signs, phone banking, or many other simple things is a proven way to get their support down the road.  Even if you can’t help with a campaign, please make those calls or emails!

Below, I have attached a note from one of the Coalition members – Robert Tobaldo – who has worked tirelessly for years to try and get this bill passed.  Bobby says it all very clearly in his note!

Thank you for all of your help,

Nick Benson Sr / Member
California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition

Message from Robert Tobaldo
Today, we in the CA Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Coalition learned that our bill, AB2972 - Motorcycle Profiling failed to get enough support to get out of the Assembly. We may have lost the battle today, but I can assure you that we WILL find a new way to win the war.
I wish to thank all the members of the CA Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Coalition for all their hard work and unwavering commitment, our bill author, Member Anna Caballero and her staff for believing in our cause as well as their courage to stand up to tyranny, all the Assembly Members who stood by us in the face of great opposition, Double D and Donny Landsman from WA State for their support and guidance, ABATE, BRO and all the CA Confederation of Clubs for their support and contributions as well as everyone who took the time to listen and take action to help end motorcycle profiling in California this year. It was a tremendous effort and one that will not go to waste as we move forward and build a larger, stronger, base of support that will not be silenced or ignored.
We learn a lot over the past 20 months, enough to know that our legislative goals are strong and just. It all starts again immediately. This is an election year and we all have a say in who will represent us next year. The outcome will have a direct bearing on not only motorcycle profiling here in CA, but many important issues that must be addressed.
We will continue to persevere, educate, motivate and take action so stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

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