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Thursday, April 26, 2018

This Site Exposes corrupt Public Officials, Judicial System, and Major Law Firms.

The information and evidence disclosed in this video will prove there is corruption within the insurance industry and corruption within our politicians, along with the law firms that protect them all. Including the IRS which is the extortion arm of the corrupt. This evidence is absolute and can be used as a legal precedent in insurance claims against Liberty Mutual and any claims against you from the IRS. I will expose hard indisputable evidence that includes moles from both entities. I will include recordings of the IRS talking about said moles in my company and a deposition where it is confirmed that there was a mole in my company from Liberty Mutual. Even more importantly, we are opening the doors on the corrupt politicians and law firms and who they work with along with the FBI who protects the corrupt. You have seen me deliver this evidence to the FBI and US Attorney Lelling. This corruption is running throughout all of our states. They are doing everything to stop me from getting you this evidence, please follow, and share. We have a chance to really make a difference across this country. In last Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview regarding opioids and the epidemics, they have senator Hassan from New Hampshire, who works for the crime syndicate of Bill Shaheen and Senator Jean Shaheen. They are the corrupt power players who are protecting hospitals, pharmacies, and treatment centers that the drug cartels own. This is what I have been saying to you for years. I reported this to the DEA and days later John Delena the same DEA agent I handed our evidence to, was involved in the seizing of an the 18-Wheeler full of Fentanyl. Followed was attempts on my life. I will be coming out with a video regarding this shortly. - Mike Gill
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