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Monday, May 7, 2018

Reason why 1%er clubs are loosing support among the motorcycling community as a whole. This about sums it up. Is it a motorcycle club or motorcycle gang? Tough questions need to be asked

Woke up and seen this article circulating all over the mainstream news organizations websites and at first, I figured it would probably be another media hack job on motorcycle clubs, but then after digging deeper into the article, it wasn't turning out the way. As I read further into the article all I could do is shake my head. Here we go with another incident that will give a blemish on the 1%er community. [ 1,424 more word ]…/reason-why-1er-clubs-are-loosin…/
As a defender of 1%er clubs, their rights, their freedoms, I’ve been finding myself more and more on the defensive end of things lately. A couple of shootings the last few weeks, now something like this comes out and adds fuel to the fire on how bad things are seemingly becoming with clubs. So is it time to start asking the tough questions? From someone who has always been adamant in writing for clubs rights, I have to be the first one to stand up and say “Yes, maybe it is time to ask those tough questions”.
The motorcycle community is starting to undergo a drastic change. Right now a lot of the motorcycle manufacturers are having a hell of a time getting people riding a bike, the younger generation has no interest in this lifestyle at all. The main demographic who buys a motorcycle is starting to age out and with that being the case, the main recruiting source for clubs is becoming slim pickings and even slimmer pickings for 1%er clubs.
Now let’s be for real, 1%er clubs are not choir boys. But for an incident like this to go down, a murder for hire puts all of the 1%er community at risk and sadly to say, you’re bringing the shit onto yourself. Yea I know the line “Motorcycle Club not Motorcycle Gang”. Well for those who never grew up on the streets or knew the game, that line might work, but when you have members of your club going out there and doing this kind of shit, the latter starts to fit the narrative.
I will simply ask the question. Was it worth taking an innocent life over some money? Is it worth sitting and rotting in a jail cell over some bullshit doctor? More importantly, Is it worth bringing down the Feds all over your ass? I remember when honor used to roll through the ranks of motorcycle clubs, women and children were never to be touched. Guess that isn’t the case anymore. Wonder how much of a man it took to put two bullets in this lady because her coward ol man didn’t keep his business from her? 1%er clubs want to go around and whine about the Feds at their doorstep? You’re bringing the shit to your front door with this crap, you invite it upon yourselves.
I think the reason why our rag is so popular is that we always maintain a realistic view of things. What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong, this shit here is definitely wrong. My question to all those who will be steadfast in their support of clubs that will participate in shit like this. How the hell do you expect me or Insane Throttle to defend some shit like this? Let me guess, “The feds set them up, it wasn’t their fault right?” Come on, get off the shit is what I’m going to tell ya straight up.
Before you put up the blind devotion front for any M/C, be it a 1 %er, 99%er or even a fucking riding club, pay attention and open your eyes. Take the time to actually think for yourselves, don’t be such a damn sheep. It’s great to support 1%ers and all clubs for that matter. But when they do wrong, especially in an incident like this, call them out, be real, these clubs depend on you and me for the support to keep going.
Here’s what I’m hoping for. The club officers, in this case, had no knowledge or idea that this was going down. Is it wishful thinking on my part? Probably, but there is always hope that the officers of the club were smart enough to know, an incident like this would bring in even more heat than they already had. The Old Timers had it right for a reason, women and kids, cops were always off limits, it was the unwritten rule on the streets. Why? Because there is nothing more that will get a bunch of cops swinging all over your dicks, then to take out a women, child or cop.

Insane Throttle expresses it’s condolences to the victims family and wants them to know, not every 1%er club, nor any other club is like this. The pain that you must be feeling with your loved one being taken in such a way must be unbearable at times. We sincerely wish your mother, sister, daughter God Speed.