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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Total Disability Indvidual Unemployability (TDIU) Benefits

Some veterans are receiving over $2,900 a month from the Veterans Administration in Individual Unemployability benefits. If you have trouble keeping or obtaining a job because of service-connected disabilities, these benefits may be for you.
Disabled? Can't work because of service-connected disabilities? 
We Get TDIU Benefits For Veterans
Veterans that can't work from service-connected disabilities may be eligible for over $2,900 a month from the Veterans Administration. Get help now at (844) 891-8659.

Who is eligible for
TDIU Benefits?
Can I really
Afford a Lawyer?
Pay Monthly?
How much do TDIU Benefits
TDIU Benefits?
What if I was previously denied
Without Woods and Woods I would be at a loss to figure out what the VA and BVA are doing! Woods and Woods has helped several of my vet buddies get what they deserve."
All I have ever gotten from the VA are blanket denials on virtually all my claims. It certainly is nice to have someone as caring and understanding as Woods & Woods to help fight for your case and keep you current on all phases of the procedure. Thanks Woods & Woods - please keep up what you do in helping disabled veterans like myself. I can't thank you enough!"

If you were denied within the last one year, you can appeal. If you were denied more than one year ago, you can reapply. There is no limit to how many times you can apply for TDIU Benefits. Woods & Woods has filed appeals for thousands of disabled veterans who were wrongly denied their TDIU Benefits. You can fight the Veterans Administration and win!
Total Disability Indvidual Unemployability (TDIU) Benefits are for veterans who cannot work or have accomodations at work from service-connected disabilities. FInd out if you are eligible for free by calling our law firm. We have helped thousands of disabled veterans.
Veterans that receive TDIU Benefits get over $2,900 a month from the VA. You can also receive extra money for dependent children and parents. Some veterans with caretakers are also eligible for Aid & Attendence Benefits. When approved for TDIU Benefits, many veterans also receive backpay - the money you should have been receiving all along. 
Yes! You only pay Woods& Woods if you win VA Benefits. If you do not obtain VA Benefits, you do not owe us a penny. Our fair-fee agreement is just one of the many reasons our clients trust us. 
Free Claim Evaluation
The first step is getting in touch with Woods & Woods for your free TDIU Benefits claim evaluation. You can learn for free what legal options are available to you.
Get Your Lawyer
If you decide to hire Woods & Woods to help with your TDIU Benefits claim, our team of lawyers get to work on your claim. 
We Gather Evidence
Woods & Woods will comb through your medical records and find the evidence we need. We will request all the records you need to win your TDIU Benefits claim.
We Get Experts
In many clients cases we hire experts to prove your disabilities are service-connected. Our lawyers often work with doctors outside the VA, psychologists, and vocational experts. We fight tough against the VA. 
We Research Law
Veterans Administration law is much more complex than many veterans realize. The TDIU Benefits Lawyers at Woods & Woods use their many years of knowledge to help clients win their claims. 
Your Brief is Submitted
Woods & Woods has filed thousands of briefs and appeals with the Veterans Administration. 
VA Makes Ruling
At this phase the Veterans Administration makes a ruling. If you are approved, you should start receiving over $2,900 a month. Plus any Aid & Attendance Benefits or compensaiton for dependant children and parents.
How The Process Works
Don't know where to start the TDIU Benefits process? No problem, we can help. Woods & Woods has developed innovative ways to help veterans. Our staff of almost 80 people help veterans get the benefits they deserve. We know the Veterans Adminitration's complex system and we know how to get clients the results they want. 
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