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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kurt Sutter Calls Emilio Rivera The Linchpin Between Sons Of Anarchy And Mayans MC

Charlie Ridgely
Kurt Sutter brought Sons Of Anarchy to life in the fall of 2008, and the show became an immediate hit for FX. In fact, the biker drama became the networks highest-rated show in its history.
The creator is looking to strike gold again this year, with the SOA spin-off series Mayans MC. This show will take place after Sons Of Anarchy ended, and follow the Mayans Motorcycle Club - a former rival of the Sons.
In order to carry the magic over from one series to another, Sutter needed to bridge the gap between worlds. Something, or someone, is needed to get fans of the original show invested in the spin-off, as well as help the story keep continuity from one series to another.

This is where Emilio Rivera comes in.
The actor played Mayan founder Marcus Alvarez for all seven seasons of Sons Of Anarchy, and instantly became beloved by fans of the series. While he hasn't been officially revealed as a part of Mayans MC, Sutter recently said that Alvarez is the entire connection between the two shows.
During an interview with Desde Hollywood, Sutter began talking about Rivera's role on Sons. After singing his praises, and revealing what a talented and humble actor Rivera is - the creator went on to explain Rivera is so vital to making Mayans MC run smoothly.
"When this other project was coming up with the Mayans; he's my linchpin in fusing these two mythologies. It's so great to be able to work with him again, and be around that energy, because it reminds me that this is why we do what we do."
Rivera's character is one fans are familiar with, so it makes sense to utilize him in the next series. But, it doesn't look like that was Sutter's only reason.
Emilio Rivera is not only a talented actor, but a great guy to be around. If you had that kind of talent in your inner-circle, why wouldn't you want to utilize it?

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