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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CA - Sacramento Bee journalist is now investigating the Safe Handgun Roster.

This article is true. If you walk into any medium to large gun store you will note a display that states LEO only. If you ask the clerk why many are LEO only, it will be because the gun is NOT on the California Gun Safe list. Which comes to the obvious conclusion, only LEO's can buy unsafe guns. Or it could be, as the article notes, extortion

Sacramento Bee journalist is now investigating the Safe Handgun Roster.…/…/14/the-sac-bee-investigating/

Most of the customers we get at Wild Bills Trading Post in Elk Grove, California at are your stereotypical conservatives: people who believe in freedom, and want a firearm for home protection, conceal carry, or to hunt. We get all types of people, and most don’t know anything about California laws, most likely because the laws change so much. It’s tough to track the changes and remain in constant compliance. Some of the folks buying firearms in California have recently relocated here and they get mad when I show them stuff like the bullet button, which prevents from reloading a firearm without a tool, the magazine capacity size, which is limited to 10 rounds, and the Safe Handgun Roster, which is the most laughable because you can purchase, for instance, a Black Glock 27, but not a FDE (Field Dark Earth) Glock 27, with the exception of current law enforcement.

The only reason I can’t sell the FDE Glock 27 to the public is because it is not on the Safe Handgun Roster and the only reason why it is not on the Safe Handgun Roster is because California claims that the manufacturing process is different than the Black Glock 27.  In fact, no civilian can purchase any generation 4 Glocks.   For each style handgun that is sold in the State of California, the manufacturer must pay the state $25,000 to be put on the Safe Handgun Roster.  Did you get confused and think this was about safety? No, it’s about extortion.

The recent threats against America from ISIS and and other terrorist organizations, coupled with fear from our own tyrannical government, have prompted even some of the staunchest liberals to change their views on weapons. One such liberal was former Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamante, who was caught buying a new handgun from a gun shop in Elk Grove.  He personally introduced a bill that banned 90% of all handguns in California in the 1990s.

If you were to look at any article from the Sacramento Bee, you would see how one sided almost everything appears, from the Bullet Train, higher gas taxes, and loads of antigun propaganda. One thing the ill-informed Sacramento Bee has in it’s favor is a liberal employee who is no longer antigun, thanks to my masterful skills of persuasion.

He comes to our shop often, usually to get approval for advertising sales that we have on the Sac Bee. Most recently, he has expressed interest in buying a firearm for protection. He initially had some issues buying one, though I can’t cite the specifics without breaking a law according to HIPPA, but I will say California just made doing this legal, but still prevents you from purchasing a firearm. After getting past some of the legal obstacles, he finally bought a handgun for himself. The threat of ISIS here in America and the threats from our elected officials, according to him, what prompted his decision.

I woke up a sleeping giant, because now he wants another. He fell in love with his new handgun and wants an AR-15, which he first called an “assault weapon”. I quickly schooled him about the AR-15, explaining that is it actually a modern day sporting rifle and that a real assault weapon is select fire. We dont sell any of those type of firearms. He appreciated that.  A week after he picked up his new Glock, he purchased a Ruger 10/22 rifle with a folding stock and pistol grip, one of Rugers latest designs.  He also expressed interest in owning a revolver as well.

This employee at the Sac Bee is also investigating the Safe Handgun Roster as we speak. He has contacted Governor Jerry Browns office and is waiting for a sit down interview with him, in which I hope to go to and help out.  I showed the Sac Bee employee the two different Glock 27s we have, one FDE (Field Dark Earth) and one Black. Believe it or not, color makes a difference in California and because politicians are so smart, they claim that it changes the manufacturing process and that Glock needs to pay the state $25,000 to be sold in California. This roster is renewed every year, so some gun companies have just quit paying California’s extortion fee to be sold in this state. The “Safety Roster” is a farce and I’m glad the Sac Bee is finally investigating this matter.

It’s amazing the lengths it requires to finally get some people to realize that times are different, scary even, and that the best way to protect yourself is not by calling the police, hoping to God that they show up on time, but to arm and protect yourself. Even cops in most of the state of California agree, and I’m glad we helped this soon to be conservative along the way to freedom and personal protection.