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Friday, December 9, 2016

Sinister Mobster Has Short Eyes

Biker Reality Tee Vee is a bottomless pit. It was bad enough when the genre was about drama queens who build custom choppers for soulless corporations. It has already fallen much lower than that.
Yesterday afternoon a reality biker named Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn was arrested outside Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California east of San Diego and charged with lewd acts on a minor. Sharon Chen of Fox Television outlet KSWB in San Diego reported last night that police believe Quinn, who is 43, compelled his minor step daughter to fellate him at least six times. Chen reported, “We can tell you she is a child.”
La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass said the offense was against “someone under the age of 18. I’m not going to get into specifics about the case.”
Chen said the investigation into the sexual assault began after police received “information from someone in the family.”
Nicholass said, “We had information from…from a parent that initially gave us some information. The detectives conducted a pretty thorough investigation and…uh…ended up arresting him.” Quinn has been married twice. He fathered four children with his first wife. He has two step children with his second wife Carla who is employed by the San Diego Police Department.
Quinn made bail yesterday and was scheduled to be arraigned today at the East County Regional Center in El Cajon, California.

The Laffing Devils

Quinn was the founder and President of a San Diego area motorcycle club named the Laffing Devils. He was allowed to retire from the club after members learned he was married to a local police officer. The Laffing Devils were dramatized on a Discovery Channel television show called The Devils Ride that aired last spring. The showed portrayed Quinn’s retirement as an expulsion that resulted from a power struggle between competing factions in the club. After the series aired, the Laffing Devils was expelled by the San Diego Confederation of Clubs. That organization encourages peace, harmony and cooperation among dozens of motorcycle clubs in San Diego County.
Discovery promoted the show as: “Life inside one of Southern California’s biggest motorcycle clubs doesn’t come easy…but it’s sure intriguing. For the first time ever, The Laffing Devils allows a never-before-seen look into the gritty world of motorcycle clubs.” Most people who knew anything about motorcycle clubs, including most members of the Laffing Devils, thought the show was hog wash.
Last Spring the show portrayed Quinn starting a new “motorcycle club” called the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC. That “club” is an invention of and property of the production company that invented The Devils Ride, Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC. Discovery renewed the show for another season after five episodes.

No Comment

Neither the Discovery Channel nor Bischoff Hervey has issued a statement about Quinn’s arrest. Chen reported that the network did not intend to issue a statement for at least a day.
Yesterday the production company tweeted, “Big congrats to the big man @RustyCoones for his upcoming role in SOA!!!! Well deserved, talented guy. Kick Ass!” The tweet refers to retired Hells Angel, bike builder and musician Rusty Coones. Coones appeared in two episodes of The Devils Ride and will appear in one episode of the hit biker show Sons of Anarchy this year.
While not mentioning Quinn’s arrest directly, the production company did message two commenters with the twitter handles “@Sandmanldmc” and “@BubbaFVF.” Bishoff Hervey told them,  “we know there is serious and real issues here, production starts very soon….both of you keep it professional.”
Eric Bischoff, who co-founded Bischoff Hervey, is the author of a best selling book titled Controversy Creates Cash.